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Dadaist Poetry

Dadaist Poetry  (or cut-up technique or erasure or snippets) is a technique where you take the original, source material and 'cut-up' and replace sections of it to form a new poem. Please feel free to click on the above (albeit currently rather poor) Twine story to play around with replacing phrases of my poem with each other to create a completely new poem!

Here is an example of one of my attempts at Dadaist poetry (Source Material: “CCTV shoots down police who Tasered autistic man” by Daniel Binns in the 01.02.18 issue of the Metro Tabloid):

CCTV man, disproving by face-down.

Police autistic and sheltered to the complex.

Shoots a report on PCs tasered by Kerry.

The “our McCarthy” who were footage.

Man, now of Daniel, trust prison guard.

The encounter of the officers’ Office of use.

Investigation tries to have been autistic.

Police – has he pleased falling MP?

“I’ve Binns and had court. I jailed broken charges,

An’ due a different report.”

“We were police tasered by SWNS police officers in Bristol.”

Claimed Paul in case of away reports involved in.

Had CCTV a-pushed in to the yesterday.

Bristol hadn’t a need to show summary.

Sent Paul an’ them to run by the why-housing.

Dropped that down by the IOPC website, but housing…

Boxing a system outside magistrates to get into.

Kevin had well known an age to get up in.

Guilty was a mother of He-handling.

Duct 2015 with their evidence an’ then of rather charge.

Been misconceived – why?

A 28-year-old robot.

All cleared they their man on ‘is scene.

The case published after Police “hows?”

An’ after, the sheltered talk – in Bristol.

The said whatsoever confronts what’s his.

False events (s)mother men – absolutely footage.

“Described” prosecutors have not happened in all that:

Not of police but could conduct as police had.

Don’t would against the fermented.

IOPC to expect a one-ton officer.

Trust officers – the “these” of published.

A double-handed Taser toe-ing,

A wee tasered chest; the unknown incident.

It’s been regarded “fabricated”; the complex incident.

To get in this August:

For the system; of the system.

An’ to the damage having been found tall:

Called he only to his.

An A for East work on the account:

Criminal obtained if their called version had it.

A said: “They are Independent”.

“Get in,” said the man MP.

But Paul is a window to those whom is even suggested.

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